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Dear Luminance Customer, 

As a small business, we wouldn’t be what we are today without your support. Really, we mean it. Whether you’ve just heard of us recently, or you’ve been with us for years, your support truly means the world to us. If we could give you a big hug, we would. Since that’s not entirely possible for our team, we wrote down a few things we’d like you to hear, without getting too mushy…well, we tried. 

In all seriousness, there are thousands of places you could get your skincare from, and you chose us. That makes us feel pretty darn special, and we’re blown away by all of the ways you’ve shown your support. Every bar of soap bought, every friendly face who’s paid us a visit at a Farmers Market, each person who gave our sample kit a try, every review, Instagram tag, share, and shoutout has allowed our business to grow in the best ways possible. 

You’ve shared a lot with us over the years. And not just skincare. We’ve heard stories from customers of all walks of life, and we’ve loved getting to know every one of you. Every story that you’ve shared with us means something to us. From expecting mothers to workers in industrial trades, each of you has shared something with us, and we’ve learned so much from you. 

What started with Kim creating soap in his garage 11 years ago and selling products at Farmers Markets, has blossomed into a fully functioning skincare lab and studio. This was only made possible because of your passion for our products. Each of us loves what we do because it allows us to connect with you by having a hand in your skincare routine. For those who don’t know, our studio staff consists of just eight members. We’re genuinely an oddball power team, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Between punny skincare jokes and Kim’s witty one-liners, every day here feels like a little party. 

Each team member brings their different talents to the table that makes our little skincare business truly one of a kind. Our dynamic shipping duo Ari and Shay flawlessly package and send off our products with care all across the country. Alex is our master soapmaker who handcrafts all of our soaps. Stephanie, our fantastic formulator, creates all of our products just perfectly. Our customer service superstar Corinna answers all of our customer service emails and manages our social media with a smile. Our marvelous marketing team consists of Denica and Haley, who work together to create engaging content to keep you informed on our latest products and deals. John and David make up our terrific tech support team who keep our website and technical details running smoothly, allowing you to have the best online shopping experience possible. Erin, our brilliant bookkeeper, and Jim, our consultant, manage all of the little details that make our lives easier. And last but certainly not least, is Kim, the ringleader of this circus that oversees all aspects of the business, making sure that Luminance Skincare is an enjoyable place to work.

As you can see, everyone on our crew is involved in making Luminance great in their own unique way. We owe this all to you. It’s because of you that we have the unique opportunity to wake up every morning and do what we love. That feeling is priceless, and it means everything to us. 

And, we’ll leave it at that. Just know when we walk into the studio every day, we have you on our minds. Everything we do in this business is to provide you the best skincare experience possible. You’re integrity and dedication are out of this world, and you deserve nothing less than our best efforts.


Wishing You and Yours a Warm Holiday Season,

Luminance Team 

(Kim, Denica, Shay, Ari, Steph, Corinna, Haley, & Alex)