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In 2020, wearing a face mask has become second nature, but we can all agree that the discomfort of wearing them is hard to get used to. If you’re wearing a mask all day, your skin is constantly exposed to heat and moisture that gets trapped while you breathe. This creates a humid environment that can cause irritation and even acne. Not to worry, your skin is safe. We have a few products that can provide relief. 

Luminance’s Quarantine Skincare Guidelines

Our Rosewater and Orange Blossom toners are arguably the most valuable part of your quarantine skincare regimen as they provide refreshing hydration throughout the day. When you start to feel a little stuffy under your mask, lift and spritz a few sprays of one of these refreshing floral waters for immediate relief from irritation. This process will keep your skin calm until you remove the mask for the day and wash with Delicate or Cream Cleanser. 

If you’ve noticed acne developing in the area where you wear your mask, you’re not alone. In fact, since quarantine started, this phenomenon has been affectionately dubbed “maskne”, and it’s entirely manageable. We recommend adding our simple and very effective Acne Serum to your routine. This gentle, matcha-based serum can be used as a spot treatment on acne-prone areas, or all over as a preventative measure for future breakouts. 

Kim, our founder and formulator, had about enough with the discomfort from his mask, so he spent some time tinkering in his studio and came up with our newest facial product – Mask Relief Facial Spray. It’s made with calming cucumber water as its main ingredient. A few sprays will provide calming relief throughout the day, so if you (or your little ones) are feeling finicky about the fabric on your face, give this mist a try and enjoy sweet relief.

Bonus Tip: Wash Your Mask Daily!  

While your skincare products are doing most of the heavy lifting, you can help keep your skin even clearer and calmer by washing your mask as often as possible. Breathing on absorbent fabric all day collects bacteria, which will ultimately just return to your face without a good mask bath every night. Just make sure you’re washing with gentle, natural detergents to avoid chemical reactions on your face.

Kim made a batch of his new Mask Relief Facial Spray to share with all of you in past orders, and we received so much excitement from our customers that we’ve decided to offer a limited amount of Mask Relief Spray for purchase. Hooray! Check it out and happy masking!