Carcinogens and Toxins Hidden by Trade Secret Status

This is ripe with scandal, and I'm not going to lie, I love a good scandal. But this is wrong. 

In California, Prop 65 and the California Safe Cosmetics Act require cosmetic companies to disclose any ingredients that are considered carcinogens or reproductive toxins. 

22 Big Cosmetic companies, even self proclaimed "green" ones, have rallied the expensive corporate lawyers and filed for "trade secret" status...because there is a loophole.

Companies don't have to disclose (toxic) ingredients if disclosing the ingredients would allow other companies to reproduce their "recipe" and cause them to loose revenue. This is called trade secret status. 

Because of the trade secret loophole, companies that use carcinogens and reproductive toxins in their secret cosmetic recipes don't have to tell consumers, because another company might come along and "steal" their (carcinogenic and toxic) recipe and the original company could loose revenue. 

These companies prioritized their profits over their customers' health. Would they loose money by disclosing their ingredients? Maybe, but we (consumers, women, mothers, fathers, daughters) should be able to choose what we put on and into our body. Especially when it comes to reproductive toxins and carcinogens.