Take Your Skin from Dull to Radiant: Our 2 Day Vegan Guide

One of the most common questions we get is, “What do you recommend for dull skin?” Today we spell out how to have glowing skin by the weekend, with a targeted, vegan-friendly diet and skincare regimen.

    1. Plan your meals using our template as a guide for the next two days, around the vitamins and minerals we have listed below. You should also minimize or eliminate your intake of processed foods, sugar and grains, which cause inflammation in many people and are a total glow killer.
    2. Exfoliate with our Papaya Enzyme mask on Thursday or Friday (not both) and follow with the Rosewater mask each night (use both nights).
      Note: Two days ago, Kim reformulated our nourishing serum, by adding Rose Hip Oil. Tamarind Seed Oil, is significantly more effective than Hyaluronic Acid in helping the skin to hold moisture (read glowing, radiant skin). Rose Hip Oil has a very high concentration of Linoleic Acid, which penetrates deeply into the skin dissolving any coagulated sebum (helps unclog pores).



      Print out this guide to plan your 2 day skincare meals and regimen. It doesn't take much to change your skin from dull to radiant.



      Silica: Silica is the most abundant element on this earth, only second to oxygen. We need silica for structure, in order to stand upright, for healthy bones, and healthy skin. It helps wounds heal and is essential for maintaining healthy connective tissue which helps keep our skin tight. The best food source for silica is oats, but you can also find it in garbanzo beans, strawberries, cucumbers, and asparagus.


      Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an antioxidant that repairs and protects the skin. Antioxidants neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of fine lines, wrinkles, dryness of the skin, and damage to collagen. Vitamin E protects against sun damage and speeds up cell regeneration. Unfortunately our bodies don’t produce it naturally, meaning we have to get it entirely from our diets. Eat these foods to boost your Vitamin E intake: sweet potatoes, hazelnuts, apples, and wheat germ oil.


      Pantothenic Acid (B5): Pantothenic Acid is named after the Greek word “Pantos” meaning everywhere because it is found in practically every food, and almost every living organism requires it for growth and metabolic function. Our skin cells need it for proper growth and regeneration, protection from oxidation, and to help wounds heal. It reduces the signs of aging, wrinkles, and even defends against skin cancer. For high doses of Pantothenic Acid eat: shitake mushrooms, avocados, sweet potatos, and lentils.

      Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These fatty acids help regulate oil production in our bodies. Having regular oil production is essential in making sure our skin is hydrated, and to avoid dry and flaky skin. Omega-3’s are antioxidants that protect against those nasty free radicals that oxidize healthy cells and cause wrinkles and acne. They also help repair sun damage. Food high in Omega 3’s are: edamame, wild rice, flax seeds, and walnuts.

      Sulfur: Sulfur is necessary for collagen synthesis, without collagen our skin would have no strength and structure. By maintaining Sulfur in your diet you will also provide the foundation for collagen production, which will help keep your skin firm and glowing (like pregnant women). Sulfur can be found in: edamame, onions, garlic, leeks, and avocados.

      Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a key part of collagen production. It slows the rate of free radical damage to the skin, reduces signs of wrinkles, and decreases levels of dry skin. It has an important role in healing wounds, and assists in the proper formation of scar tissue. Vitamin C is very sensitive to heat, so consuming the following foods raw, or lightly cooked is key to absorbing the most Vitamin C possible. For more vitamin C eat: bell peppers, guavas, dark leafy greens, broccoli, and strawberries.

       Now that you know what to eat, print out our 2 day guide and take 5 minutes to plan your meals. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us (707) 372 6765. We can't wait to hear your success stories, send us your glowing faces on Instagram @LUMINANCESKINCARE so we can show you off!