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It's Time to Get Sudsy

You know we love to tease, but this time, the product is just too good to keep to ourselves any longer. Our customers have long asked us to explore the world of haircare, and we took our first leap in creating a nourishing shampoo. 

The wait is finally over. It's here. And we are so proud of it. 

We sent out some samples to our excited customers and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. 

We asked everyone who tried it to compare the list of ingredients to that of their favorite shampoo, natural or otherwise. In response, we learned that our list was much shorter than other popular brands and was far less damaging than the multitude of toxins, parabens, alcohol and animal testing that went into others. 

The most common words used to describe the shampoo samples were: creamy, lathery, gentle, clarifying, and sweet-smelling.

The scent, honeysuckle vanilla, is soft and sweet. The formula creates lovely suds and lathers the way you want it to and makes your hair feel smooth, soft, and bouncy. The product works on any hair type—just in-house, we tried it on curly, kinky, straight, thick, thin, and fine hair. Nothing but positive feedback here. 

We also tried it on Kim, but the results were somewhat inconclusive...we'll let you decipher why. 

Shampoo is now a part of our permanent line. If you're looking for a bottle of something that will give your hair the TLC it's been missing, give our Clean Shampoo a try.

And as always, give us your feedback, we can't wait to hear what you think!