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Your Skincare Routine + Luminance Premium

If you have increasingly dry or sensitive skin or if you've noticed premature lines and wrinkles creeping into the corners of your face, it’s a good time to consider introducing a few more products to preserve the graceful glow that you’ve earned. Luminance Premium can help.

Formerly known as KRE, this line of luxe products is designed specifically for very dry skin types as it uses bioactive ingredients, like specific peptides and proteins, to encourage your skin to retain the best qualities from your younger days. It works even more effectively for mature skin. Smoothness, suppleness, and an even tone are all well within reach so long as you treat your face gently and with the right ingredients. Luminance Premium features only three products – that’s all you need.


Premium Facial Serum

Why do I need a serum?


Using a serum is the best way to satisfy the lowest layers of your skin with the nourishment it needs. As we age, this step becomes even more important because our skin starts to make less and less collagen, causing wrinkles and fine lines to appear more pronounced. Our Premium Serum works by introducing specific proteins that encourage collagen production from deep in the epidermis, where it really counts. It gently signals to your body that it needs more collagen, returning the bounce and cushion around your eyes that keeps you looking fresh.


How do I use it?


Because this product is a serum, it is best used after you’ve cleansed and restored pH balance with your Rosewater Toner. When your skin is still slightly dewy, massage a small amount of the serum (about the size of a pea) into your face. You don’t need much, just a fingertip's worth. When you’re done, mist with Rosewater again to drive the product in as deep as possible. The beauty of this serum is that it’s so light, it can be used morning or night without interfering with the rest of your routine.

Premium Cucumber Eye Cream

Why do I need an eye cream?


Anyone with mature skin knows that their eyes are the first to tell the tale. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and often very thin, so it’s the first to show signs of creasing as we age. Before we go any further, let’s qualify: your laugh lines are gorgeous. They're a sign of a life well lived, proof that you've felt joy and exuberance. That said, we don’t want you to erase them or shock them into submission. Instead, let’s cherish them and make them as healthy as they can be. Luminance Premium Eye Cream uses a very gentle protein to block transmission of signals from nerves to your facial muscles, which works incredibly effectively to relax the muscles around your eyes and to keep them from crinkling.


How do I use it?


After you've washed your face and applied your toner and serums, it's time to apply the eye cream to the delicate skin around your eyes. This is where many people get confused. Eye cream doesn't need to be applied to your eyelids. Instead, apply it to the skin between the corner of your eye and your temple. You can also put it underneath your eyes, so long as you don't get too close to your lash line.

We recommend using our Luminance Premium Eye Cream at night, when it can sink into your skin uninterrupted by makeup, weather, or simply by touching your face. If you need something to help you keep your eyes looking refreshed and de-puffed in the morning, we recommend our Blue Chamomile Eye Cream.

Tamarind Seed Moisturizer

Why do I need to be picky about my moisturizer?

As you age, your skin is more likely to require extra moisture, and it's important that you choose a product that works for your skin, not against it. Make sure to choose a moisturizer that actually encourages the skin to retain moisture. Others use humectants like glycol or glycerin that pull existing moisture up from the skin, making it appear hydrated for a few hours but ultimately creating a bigger problem.

How do I use it?

This Tamarind Seed Moisturizer is a very special product in that it uses Tamarind Seed Extract, which naturally enhances elasticity and moisture retention in the upper layers of your skin, encouraging a youthful glow and comfortable flexibility. Not only does the tamarind seed help to keep your skin glowing, but it actually conditions the surface of the facial skin to make it look and feel soft and supple.

A moisturizer should almost always be one of the last steps of your skincare routine, no matter what age or what type of skin you have. That's because a moisturizer uses specific oils that are selected to keep the upper layers of the epidermis hydrated. If you put your moisturizer on first, for instance, your serums won't be able to sink in as deeply as they would on a bare face, so it's better to layer the products intentionally.

Incorporating new items into your skincare routine is so much easier when the products are designed to work perfectly with your existing regimen.


So if you're already using Luminance products adding Luminance Premium is extremely straight forward. Simply use the Premium Facial Serum after your toner, and swap out the Blue Chamomile Eye Cream with our Premium Eye Cream. Lastly, use the Premium Tamarind Seed Moisturizer in place of your Deep Hydration. 


That's It!

That's really all it takes. A few bioactive products is all you need to make your mature skin as healthy and beautiful as ever. We designed these products to work easily into your typical Luminance routine so that you don't have to rummage through the internet to find the products that work with what you've got.