Luminance Skincare

Clean Conditioner: A Softer Side of Luminance

After we released Clean Shampoo, a smoothing conditioner was a natural next step. Stephanie created a product that will work wonderfully for all hair types. It is made with marshmallow root, slippery elm, white willow bark and avena oat extract. 

  • Marshmallow is a beautiful North American root that becomes slippery when wet, making it the perfect choice for a holistic product that is meant to detangle the hair. 
  • Slippery elm is another detangling agent that is entirely natural and so good for your hair. It promotes healthy growth and produces just the right amount of "slip" so that you can run your hands through your gorgeous locks without losing a finger. 
  • White willow bark is ideal for balancing out oil production on the scalp. If you're prone to oily hair, you can trust that this ingredient will gently remove excess greasiness without stripping it or leaving it feeling like straw. Instead, it will feel soft, repaired, and refreshed. 
  • Avena oat extract is full of enriching fatty acids to make your hair super soft and manageable. 
  • We finish the product with a mix of oils (Argan, jojoba, grapeseed and avocado) to give split ends some love and to seal in the softness you achieve. 

Our goal was to smooth the cuticle of your hair without weighing it down with heavy ingredients. It makes the hair soft and frizz-free while gently easing out knots and tangles, even for those with very curly or kinky hair.

Each of us tried the conditioner in our hair, and it worked differently for everyone. 

From left to right:

Emily - Hair Type - Fine & Dry: This conditioner was perfect for releasing knots and giving dry ends some much needed moisture before styling. She used about a half dollar-size dollop because her hair is so porous, but even a large amount didn't make her hair feel heavy or limp.

Stephanie - Hair Type - Coarse & Wavy: Stephanie has long, thick, wavy hair, and only needed a small palmful of this stuff to condition from root to tip. She noted that her hair was soft and had less frizz than usual. 

Denica - Hair Type - Fine & Curly: Deni used the conditioner as a leave-in curl cream. She applied it at the ends and didn't rinse it out entirely so that it stayed in and kept her curls from getting unruly throughout the day. 

Shay - Hair Type - Thick & Dense: Shay used the conditioner all over, letting it sit for just a minute or two in the shower. She noticed that it gave her hair shine, smoothness and a little more volume than usual. 

Ari - Hair Type - Straight & Thick: Clean Conditioner made Ari's hair super soft. She colors it, so she often worries that hair products will make the color dull, but this did the opposite and made her color shinier and more vibrant. 

The beauty of this product is that it can be personalized to fit your particular hair needs. If you don't like a heavy conditioning agent, use it as a treatment for brittle ends or the frizzy baby hairs around your face. If you have dense hair and need a deep condition, leave it on for a bit longer before you rinse it out, or even leave some on the tips for long-lasting moisture. The best hair products are those that allow you to customize them for yourself. We're confident that this will fit right into your routine. 

The team is so proud to finally share this conditioner so that you can use it for yourself. Let us know how you use conditioner or what you look for in a detangling product by leaving a comment here, replying to our posts on social media (Instagram or Facebook) or just give us a shout! 

*Not pictured* Kim - Hair Type - Debatable.