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DYI Vitamin C, Exfoliating & Antioxidant Mask

There's a lot of hype around Vitamin C in the skincare world these days. We've been bombarded with questions from our customers at the Farmer's Market about if there's any truth to the claims being made. So we decided to look into it and share what we've learned.

It turns out that Vitamin C is amazing for your skin! There are so many benefits, here are a few of my favorites:

  • Stimulates collagen production; increasing elasticity and the skins ability to hold moisture. Promotes youthful skin.
  • Reduces inflammation in your skin and helps your skin deal with irritants.
  • Supports your skin's self healing processes.
  • Is an extremely powerful antioxidant to help your skin avoid the accumulation of free radicals which lead to wrinkles and acne.

The problem is that Vitamin C is not stable for longer than a few weeks.

So when you see Vitamin C serums or products designed to give your skin some extra Vitamin C what is going on? How are they sable long enough to stay on the shelf?

Large commercial skincare manufactures and even small single formulator skincare companies artificially stabilize the extracted Vitamin C to keep it from breaking down so quickly. These stabilized Vitamin C's are referred to as Derivative Vitamin C's and the problem is they tend to cause the precipitation of Free Radicals in the skin.

Exactly the opposite of what's supposed to happen! So instead of all the wonderful attributes of unaltered naturally occurring Vitamin C, these derived variants actually can cause harm to your skin. It's obvious why the large commercial manufacturers are using them, but why smaller formulators follow in lock step is a complete mystery. 

The good news for me is there are many ingredients rich in Vitamin C and wonderful antioxidants available if you just take the time to find them and the care to assemble them into a nice formulation; these are what Kim has selected for our products.

To celebrate the wonderful benefits Vitamin C has for skin we've decided to develop a Mask recipe that you can make at home with real food. It's rich in all vitamins and has so many beneficial nutrients for your skin. We're honestly not doing it justice when we list some of the benefits below.


First, this is not a mask that you can purchase. You'll use fresh ingredients readily available from your local Farmers Market or Grocery Store. You'll make it yourself, by hand and don't worry it's so very very easy, not too different from a good smoothie. And fun. All the ingredients are freshly cut and blended by you in your blender or food processor. There are just to many benefits to list all of them so here is the highlight real:

  • Collagen stimulating Vitamin C from Limes and Berries
  • Delicate exfoliation of Papaya and Turmeric
  • Antioxidants from Blue Berries and Raspberries
  • Vitamin A from Carrots and Beets
  • Vitamin E from Avocado and Yams

You will simply not believe how nice this will make your skin feel!


It is so simple. Just place all of the ingredients into your blender or food processor and flip the switch, You’ll notice that there are more carrots and yams in the recipe than you might need; so you can add more at the end to thicken the consistency; a fudge factor for thickness.

As the mixture thickens you may need to pulse the on/off switch of your mixer.

    1/2 Small Papaya -Include Skins
        Antioxidants, Exfoliating Enzyme Papain, Vitamin C, A & D
    3 Carrots Include Greens
       1 carrot to start and then add additional at the end as needed to thicken
       Vitamin A, C & D Super food. Rich in potassium to help with dry skin.
       Helpful for rashes, dermatitis & acne
    1 Red Beet
         High concentration Betacaine (red color) is effective to combat
         hundreds of daily pollutants known to cause cancer. Reduces depth and
         appearance of wrinkles
         Rich in naturally and balanced Betanin & Foliate Acid
    ½ Ounce Fresh Turmeric
         Ancient powerhouse full of nutrients, vitamins and anti oxidants
         Antibacterial and a wonderful gentle enzyme exfoliate
    2 Small Yams
       1 to start, additional to make mask thicker
        Extremely good source of Antioxidants and a spectrum of B Vitamins
    1 Lime (Squeeze Juice)
       Rich in naturally occurring and balanced Vitamin C and Antioxidants
    1 Green Bell Pepper
       Rich in naturally occurring and balanced Vitamin C
    ½ Hand of Blue Berries
         Vitamin C and wonderful antioxidants
    ½ Hand of Raspberries
         Vitamin C and wonderful antioxidants
    1 medium coconut (just the coconut water)
         Rich in antioxidants and naturally occurring vitamin C
         Deep penetrating moisture.

    Follow Up:

    If the mask is not thick enough add carrots and yams to thicken.


    Apply to your face and leave it on for 10 minutes. Take a #LuminanceMonsterMask selfie and tag us on Instagram!

    Place the remainder of the mask in the fridge or fridge. You may have to stir a bit if there is separation after freezing. Gently wash your mask off and take a peak at your fresh face!

    I loved this mask. The consistency isn't my favorite but I love how soft and radiant my skin looked when I removed it. I actually wore it three times yesterday when we developed it and then once again this morning before work. Let us know in the comments below how it goes for you and tag your mask photo or fresh face on Instagram!