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Foods that seriously make your skin glow.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty here, I want to address the fact that we are a vegan skincare company and we're going to be discussing vegan and non-vegan foods.

All of our products are vegan and we're really proud of that. Kim has managed to formulate products, that in our opinion, are superior to everything we've tried on the market, at any price point, without using animal ingredients. This is our contribution to the world. <3

However, we are not vegan activists. We aren't here to tell you what you should eat. This is a personal choice and our goal is to share our high quality skincare products with customers (both vegan and non-vegan) that might otherwise be buying toxic skincare products with animal based ingredients.

We would really like our blog to be an honest and comfortable space for everyone, no matter what foods you eat. So with this in mind we are sharing some foods that really improve your skin from the inside out. Both vegan and non-vegan. Please take what works for you and help build an open and supportive community in the comments.


Elena, Kim, and Shayane



Vegan Foods:

Bitter greens-( Kale, Mustard, Collard, Spinach, Endive, Chickory, etc.) These support your liver and help your body process any extra hormones in your blood. If you have hormonal acne this can help.

Chia Seeds- High in Omega 3- great for skin.

Sweet Potato/Yam- High natural profile in Vitamins A, E & C all amazing for skin. Especially aging and acne prone skin.

Avocado- Eat your healthy fats to prevent/delay wrinkles and help your skin glow.

Sesame Seeds- have high zinc contents. Grind up 2 tablespoons a day and put them over a salad or soup. Zinc is so important for you overall health and your skin. If you notice your skin not healing, the first thing to try is zinc. Supplement form is OK too. Just make sure that it's plant-based.

Animal Foods:

Bone Broth- This is truly wonderful for your skin and great for leaky gut. Drink it for a couple of days and watch your skin heal and glow.

Chicken Liver- It's got massive amounts of vitamins and minerals that are great for your skin. Very nutrient dense. If you don't like liver, try making a pate. Also amazing for healing and glowing skin.

Oysters- Raw or cooked have very high levels of zinc. If you have acne, you need to make sure you're getting enough zinc.

Collagen Peptides- I'm not big on promoting other products, but this company makes a good one that is amazing for skin and healing leaky gut. Mix it in with your bone broth or water. 


Other Tips:

Aside from making sure that you get the right nutrients into your body the most effective thing you can do for your skin is eliminate inflammation. Everyone can benefit from eliminating/reducing their sugar intake. I know it's hard. But watch your skin change. Also take a look at your diet; grains, dairy, and sugar give a lot of people inflammation. Experiment and see what works for you.

Reduce your stress. Sleep more. And laugh.

I know this is super cliche but it really works. Laughing by itself may not be enough to change your skin but it lowers stress and if you mix that with a good diet, you're skin is going to glow a little bit brighter :D


What foods have helped your skin? Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments, we want to learn from you too!