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10 Reasons You Need Skin Butter On Hand ALL THE TIME


Our Skin Butter is one of those products that customers aren't quick to try, but after buying it once they wonder how they the hell they got on so long with out it. We get folks coming to us at the farmers Market every week telling us different ways they've used the Skin Butter and some of the ways are genius and others are just funny. So I've compiled a list to share with you the top ten best ways to use your Skin Butter.

skin butter blog image

1. Eye Make-up remover. Waterproof Mascara off like that! BAM.

2. Non-Toxic-Down-There-In-Between-The-Sheets-Fun. Your Vagina is one of the most absorbent areas of skin on your body. Don’t put toxins in it, Crazy! Try the Skin Butter as lube.

3. Eczema- It’s won’t cure it, but it will make it a hellof a lot more comfortable.

4. Say goodbye to Sand-paper elbows. A little touch of Skin Butter on each elbow and you're skin is moist and flexible again.

5. Lather up with Skin Butter before going swimming in a pool to keep the chlorine from absorbing into your skin and drying you out.

6. Your dog will say I love you with every lick. Doggies love skin butter and it’s made of food-grade oils only. So you can feel good knowing that your doggies not ingesting a bunch of toxic chemicals by kissing you.

7. Burning Man, Coachella, anytime you’re in the desert use Skin Butter on your face to keep moisture from escaping and to keep the pH down. (You can age your skin very quickly with the alkaline mineral deposition in the soil that blows against your face)

8. If you work in the hospital or with kids and are constantly washing your hands, they are probably constantly dry. Keep the Skin Butter on hand and moisturize your hands with it. It will help minimize water loss with all the nasty soap and antibacterials you are likely using.

9. This is “That Good Tattoo Cream” that your tattoo artist was referring to. It will protect your skin while it heals and bring out the colors. Try it. Prepare to be amazed.

10. Fantastic Diaper Rash Cream for anyone in diapers. Young or old. Every tushie deserves to be pampered. Find our Skin Butter Here.