10 Times Kim Was Too Pure for this World

Kim founder of Luminance Skincare says

Never a dull moment here at the Luminance studio

thanks to our fun-loving founder, Kim.
Here's a collection of our favorite Kim moments when he made us laugh,
whether he meant to or not! :) 

1. Kim shows how lovely our soaps lather up on his noggin!



2. Kim shows his child at heart with a Minion Lunchbox. 



3. Kim wants to be sure that every customer, of every age gets the customer service they deserve. 


4. He is never afraid to show a 'lil sass!


5. Kim wants to make sure all the non-millennials out there get the 411 on 'totes'. 


6. If you're ever in a pinch, our Moisturizer makes for a great fruit topping!


  7. You heard him fellas!  


8. The secret to the perfect strawberry...the scent!


9. You're Welcome!