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Anti Aging is a thing of the past. We encourage you to consider a different and healthier perspective. 

Just accept it. You’re beautiful. Really. Cherish and nurture the beauty of your skin as you age. Give it what it needs to be naturally healthy and sustain vitality. Be nice to your face.

The term “anti aging skincare” isn’t exactly revolutionary.

It’s more than just a little stale. We’ve seen it splashed across high end marketing campaigns with “mature” women (usually only about 30 years old…I mean, come on) and touted on the shelves of our local drugstores for years. The claims are usually the same — filling wrinkles, plumping fine lines, brightening, tightening, lifting…you get the picture.

While these claims of instantly reversing the signs of time on your face is certainly a tempting promise, it’s also somewhat misleading. You’re aging every day. We’re sorry to be the bearers of this realistic news, but it’s just a simple fact. But remember. You’re already beautiful.

So please be careful and please be skeptical. Mysterious chemicals. Harsh scrubs, burning peels, damaging masks and toxic acids that strip your skin of the all the oils your skin creates as a natural form of protection damage your skin. Often permanently.

And by the way, we don’t really think aging is all that bad. Getting older is a beautiful thing, certainly something to cherish. Really!

Long Term Damage Is Difficult To Reverse.

The sad truth is that such harsh, synthetic and often toxic products create long-term damage that keeps you running back to the store each time you polish off another bottle in a desperate attempt to maintain the results that you’ve achieved. It’s an endless cycle created by the cosmetic industry to make money off of the idea that aging is something to fear. Something to avoid and fight. But what they neglect to tell you that their “Concoction Of The Month Miracle” will do long term damage to your skin than it does short term benefit.  In many cases your skin will immediately show accelerated aging when you take the chemical products away.

Don’t Lose Hope, Help Is On The Way.

What you can do, however, is nourish your skin and treat it gently so that tell tale signs of aging are softened and your skin can heal and repair itself. Give your skin nourishing ingredients that it needs to be healthy, glowing and clear.

Treat your skin with gentle care. Take your time. Let your skin breathe. Treat the underlying root of the “problem” rather than masking it. Take the time to truly understand your skin. Nurture it and give it just the right ingredients in just the right amount so that it can look its very best naturally.

This Is Where We Come In. 

Many of our customers know that in the past, we had a sister skincare line called KRE, which stood for Kim Rollo Emanuel, and was a small collection of high end products designed especially for mature skin types. Kim spent time in the Stanford medical libraries, sifting through white papers and scouring the pages to find a few ingredients that he felt confident about. He found that there are plenty of natural, highly effective and non-toxic bioactive ingredients that work gently, while providing outstanding results. More specifically, he found certain types of proteins that encourage and stimulate the deeper skin to produce a more youthful profile of collagen.

Fine lines can be softened, moisture and dewiness can be enhanced, elasticity and flexibility can be improved. Overall, customers realized skin that was more hydrated, clearer, and with a radiant glow that reminded them of their youth. These are real results that will last.

Well, we decided that we wanted to make these products accessible to everyone. While they are high-end and use pricier ingredients, the results our customers achieved were so profound that we’ve decided to bring them into our Luminance Skincare Line in keeping with our philosophy of providing world class skincare at a reasonable price.

Introducing Luminance Premium.

Luminance Premium is just around the corner and will be available soon for purchase.

Stay tuned we’ve a lot more to say on this issue.