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Here at Luminance, we’re all very proud that our products don’t last forever. Our products have very short shelf live and It feels really good to write that! In a world where all retail commercial skincare products spend up to years in giant warehouses, hidden away in cool darkness, immortal and untouched by time. Not us. Nope! No way.

Our products are good for six months, maybe a little bit more, and after that, they’ll grow mold. But six months is plenty of time for you to work through to the bottom of your jar or bottle of your favorite Luminance product.

You’re wondering why. It’s because we use a natural, non-toxic preservative system. It’s based on red radish root and it’s food grade. So it doesn’t kill bacteria and mold, rather it establishes an environment to stop growth; for at least 6 months. Now don’t worry this system is well vetted and proven effective, just not forever.

Let’s be real; nothing natural lasts forever. Flowers bloom and wilt, groceries have expiration dates, and because we use solely natural ingredients, our products expire naturally as well. We only use ingredients that grow live in the world of nature, so rest assured our products are non-synthetic, non-toxic, vegan, and organic. They’re rich with everything your skin needs to be its best. And nothing more. 

Let’s go back to the warehousing thing again. Products you apply to your skin shouldn’t sit on store shelves for years, because if they are, they absolutely depend upon ingredients that shouldn’t be in your skincare in the first place. We know we’re in the minority here, and even after all these years, we are amazed at what’s on the shelves in the skincare aisles; we visit them every now and again just to see what the rest of the world is up to. Once upon a time, we tried selling in local shops but eventually pulled our products off the shelves and turned down store offers because we’d have to change our formulas to include stronger preservatives to sustain our presence for a long period of time.

Now you know why we chose to sell our products straight from our studio and from our online store. This allows us to preserve the quality of our recipes and ensure that we’re only sending out the freshest products possible. After all, you deserve only the best we can make. 

So when you shop with us, you have our promise of the cleanest, nutrient rich and freshly made products.

General Shelf Life Tips:

  •  Use your order date as your shelf life marker. We make everything weekly, so your products have a six-month life from the week you purchase. 
  • Don’t worry too much if you’re getting close to the six-month mark. Some products can sustain longer. This is just our guarantee of minimum shelf life. Some products last a bit longer, like our soaps and oil blends. 
  • We find most customers use our product up within 2-3 months. We suggest ordering according to use. No need to stock up, we’ll be here ready for your next order.
  • Store out of direct sunlight in a room-temperature location. You can also store in the fridge if you prefer, just keep it consistent. 
  • Did your products separate or discolor in under six months? Sometimes things prematurely expire, again no worries, just email our team, and we’ll make it right with a replacement or exchange. Our customer service is very old school so please get in touch.

We’re always here for you.