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Last minute lovers, we get it. Valentine’s Day is a veritable pit of quicksand. You think you have plenty of time to get your partner the perfect gift and before you know it, the 14th has arrived and you’re standing in line behind 12 other people holding the same wilted drugstore bouquet. Here’s your lifeline.

5 Valentine’s Gifts That are a Total Home Run

1. Revamped Roses

Any Joe Schmoe can pick up a dozen red roses from the grocery store down the street. After a few days, they’re wilted and bruised. Give the same luxury and sensuality without the thorns or cliché. Our Rosewater Mask or Rosewater Toner are the perfect gift for anyone who deserves to take a moment of relaxation for themselves. The mask is light and super hydrating, so if you’ve heard your partner complain about dry or itchy skin, you’ll know you’re making the right choice.

2. Smooth Moves

Sometimes, the simple act of touch is more meaningful than any gift you can buy. If your partner enjoys the occasional back rub, take things to the next level with Holy Cacao Massage Butter. It’s made with gentle ingredients that melt into warm skin and leave it silky soft. If your wife or girlfriend has recently given birth and is breastfeeding, this product is also a wonderful nipple butter that’s safe for both mama and baby. And, if you plan on getting matching tattoos this V-Day, it can be used to soothe and maintain the pigment of your new ink. Score.

3. For the Softies

If you’ve learned anything from your previous Valentine’s Day celebrations, it should be that the little things count the most. If your man rocks a beard or mustache, use this year to tend to it. Our brand new Beard Oil nourishes all kinds of facial hair — long, short, curly, straight, coiled and coarse. Plus, it nourishes and calms the skin underneath to eliminate and chance of uncomfortable ingrowns. Your guy will love that you thought about his daily comfort and will use this unscented oil with ease.

4. Pucker Up

No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans include, kisses are a must. If you know that your significant other uses lip products regularly, supplement their supply with something soothing and sweet. Our Vegan Lip Balm is perfect for no makeup days as well as for those days when she wants to break out her favorite tube of lipstick. It smooths the lips without heavy bees wax, so if she wants to layer on her favorite shade on top, she can do so with total confidence. Give her a few flavors and ask her to wear your favorite on V-Day 😉

5. Love Every Little Bit of Them

Above all else, Valentine’s Day is about pampering the people you cherish the most. That doesn’t have to mean huge, grand gestures or expensive gifts. It just means showing that person that you love every single little thing about them, from head to toe. Treat them to a gentle foot massage and leave their tootsies minty fresh with our very special Foot Cream. If footsie isn’t for you, Hand Cream is the perfect way to tell your sweetie you care.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is Thursday, 2/14, so get your shopping done soon  to earn those brownie points! Our gift guide page is a great place to start, visit here